The Best Home Addition Contractors in Washington, D.C.


As one of America’s largest cities, Washington, D.C. combines a small-town atmosphere with a cosmopolitan and sophisticated feel. International embassies, massive populations, and a diversified culinary culture make up the city’s unique skyline, keeping inhabitants and tourists busy exploring every inch of it. Washington is an excellent place to settle down for singles and families, foodies and sports enthusiasts, as well as ambitious young professionals.

If you are looking to expand your home or elevate your lifestyle, selecting the most suitable contractor is a critical step for a successful home renovation. Our editorial team has listed the best home addition contractors in Washington, D.C., to help you with your next renovation project.

Top Home Addition Contractors

Case Design/Remodeling

1327 14th St NW, Suite 200, Washington, DC 20005

About Case Design/Remodeling

Since its establishment in 1961, Case Design/Remodeling has remained dedicated to delivering incredible home transformations powered by the client’s ideas and inspirations. Despite its impressive sixty years of extensive remodeling experience, the firm continuously focuses on improving and streamlining its processes. The firm provides custom design solutions, professional project management, and expert craftsmanship to guarantee a successful project outcome. On every project, the firm strives to accurately capture ideas to tailor-fit the design to the client’s wants and needs. The firm handles every project efficiently thanks to its team of highly qualified architects, remodelers, designers, and project managers—all providing unsurpassed quality no matter the complexity or cost.

Featured Projects

Over the years, the firm has gained quite a bit of recognition for its impressive work thanks to several awards, including the recent 2021 Top 500 Remodelers presented by Qualified Remodeler Magazine. The project featured here is a home addition in Washington, D.C. This transitional family room combines various design styles using a mix of traditional and contemporary elements. The neutral gray couches and jet black accent wall contrast with the stark white cabinetry for a more refined, yet comfortable look.

Anthony Wilder Design/Build

7913 MacArthur Boulevard, Cabin John, MD 20818

About Anthony Wilder Design/Build

Anthony Wilder Design/Build is an award-winning firm that specializes in custom houses, interior remodeling and design, whole-house renovations and additions, and historic restorations. Through its full-service custom architectural, construction, and interior design services, the firm has remained consistent in its goal to deliver an excellent design-build experience for every client over the course of its thirty years in the business. The firm takes a personal approach to every project: open communication and close collaboration through its in-house team of architects, designers, historians, contractors, managers, and staff are all central elements of the firm’s process. This level of commitment and expertise has resulted in an impressive portfolio that has consistently exceeded client expectations.

Featured Projects

The firm delivers the latest designs and cutting-edge construction technology on every project to ensure that every renovation or addition is seamlessly integrated into its existing architecture. One of the firm’s notable projects is a whole house renovation in Washington, D.C. The project included a home addition of a yoga studio that aimed for modern styling. With its warm hardwood floors and large windows that bring in more natural light, the space is perfect for relaxation and recreation.

Landis Architects/Builders

7059 Blair Road NW, Suite 300, Washington, DC 20012

About Landis Architects/Builders

With over three decades of local experience, Landis Architects/Builders has an impressive track record of 145 architectural awards, 241 kitchen remodels, and 40% of its projects come from repeat clients. Founded in 1990, the firm has remained consistent in its core mission of delivering exceptional projects through its commitment to quality, service, and innovation. The firm also uses modern technologies for a seamless construction experience. Thanks to its passionate team, the firm incorporates modern technologies and a meticulous management style. The firm generates a virtual reality link to quickly visualize and accurately capture the client’s ideas. It also conducts regular meetings and reports regularly to keep clients up-to-date through communication software.

Featured Projects

Over the years, Landis has proven its reputation as one of Washington’s top renovation firms through its excellent design and exceptional customer service. In the project featured here, the firm provided its home addition services for this 1926 Crestwood Home. The 500 square-foot addition included a zen home office, a powder room, and an extra closet space for the main bedroom. The firm carefully curated and constructed a space that reflects a great deal of symmetry and functionality, successfully achieving the client’s goal for the area.


7900 Westpark Drive, Suite A180, McLean, VA 22102

About BOWA

Since 1988, BOWA has served clients throughout the Greater Washington, DC area and Virginia’s Hunt Country with its remodeling expertise. The firm’s area of expertise lies in luxury renovations ranging from kitchens to house and condominium remodeling. From the idea conceptualization to the design and build phase and continuing post-construction and customer service, the firm focuses on delivering a smooth remodeling process for every client. This is made possible through the firm’s dedicated team of professionals, each with more than thirty years of experience. With its commitment to delivering the highest quality craftsmanship and world-class customer service at every step, the firm has received positive responses from its satisfied clients resulting in 85% of its projects being from repeat clients and referrals.

Featured Projects

One of the firm’s impressive projects is a home addition project located in Northwest, D.C. The client needed extra living space, so the company extended out from the family kitchen and lower-level family room to meet their needs. A screen porch, a small outdoor grill deck, and a media and gaming room were created for the family to use and enjoy.

CARNEMARK design + build

7550 Wisconsin Avenue, Suite 120, Bethesda, MD 20814

About CARNEMARK design + build

Operating with a client-responsive and eco-sensitive process since 1987, CARNEMARK has created exceptional projects by combining outstanding designs with cutting-edge products, techniques, and services. The firm’s expert team reimagines every area with a tailored approach to the client’s lifestyle, including home, kitchen, bathroom remodels and additions, and condo renovations. Over the years, the firm has perfected a five-step process that comes straight from its extensive experience. From design conceptualization and client communication to construction methods, the firm guarantees a smooth and seamless remodeling process while delivering high-quality project outcomes on time and within budget.

Featured Projects

The firm has been recognized for its unsurpassed quality through several prestigious awards, including the 2021 Decade of Excellence – Chrysalis Award. This featured project is one of the firm’s notable home addition projects in Washington, D.C. The client’s 1960s ranch-style home was reimagined to create a more spacious area for entertaining. Part of the additional space was converted into a contemporary patio by expanding the living room creating an outdoor nook on the ground level.

Glickman Design Build

15757 Crabbs Branch Way, Rockville, MD 20855

About Glickman Design Build

With over forty-five years of designing and creating spaces focused on building homes for life, Glickman Design Build has earned its well-deserved spot as one of the premier industry leaders in the Washington Metropolitan area. The firm’s diverse experience and expertise include home remodeling, home additions, custom-crafted aging-in-place-accessible design, and universal design solutions. Founded by Russ Glickman in 1975, the firm is dedicated to building living spaces that improve the quality of life for all its clients. Thanks to its team of design and construction experts, the firm can guarantee excellent design, quality craftsmanship, and unmatched advice and guidance for every project.

Featured Projects

The firm has received national recognition throughout the years, including the 2017 Grand Award Winner Universal Design Whole House – NARI. One of the firm’s notable projects is a family room addition in the D.C. Metro. The well-balanced mix of clean and textured elements and expansive windows bring in plenty of natural light creating a warm and attractive place for the family to bond.

Four Brothers Design + Build

4009 Georgia Avenue NW, Washington, DC 20011

About Four Brothers Design + Build

Four Brothers Design + Build offers one-stop-shop home remodeling services across the Washington, D.C. metropolitan area. This family-owned firm delivers architectural, design, and construction services entirely in-house with its unique design-build process. The firm’s name comes from a team of four brothers: Alfred, Ben, Kent, and Leroy Johnson. They started out as woodworking apprentices before realizing their passion for remodeling. They teamed up to form the firm in 2006. Fifteen years later, the firm has a solid reputation for quality craftsmanship and attentive customer service. The firm has also received plenty of great reviews and referrals thanks to so many satisfied clients.

Featured Projects

In the project featured here, the firm reimagined a three-story home in Georgetown by adding a master bedroom and bath. Focusing on Cape-Cod interior styling, the firm incorporated light and airy color schemes with the muted gray walls and navy blue accents. Wooden furniture and a woven rug complete the overall casual, laid-back feel of the room.


8401 Connecticut Ave, Suite 310, Chevy Chase, MD 20815

About Wentworth

Wentworth offers a full range of remodeling services thanks to an in-house team of architects, interior designers, and construction experts. For over seventeen years, the firm has provided exceptional projects throughout Washington and neighboring areas in Montgomery County, Maryland, and Northern Virginia. From the design to construction up to the final project handover, the firm employs a comprehensive ten-step process to ensure open communication with every client throughout the project duration. This strategy has earned the firm plenty of satisfied clients, each testifying the firm’s capability to successfully deliver every project. Learn more about the firm and their work at

Featured Projects

Wentworth has garnered an impressive portfolio over the years, including this remarkable home addition and remodel in Spring Valley, Northeast Washington, D.C. In the project featured in the photo, the firm aimed to create a family room that would be warm, inviting, and comfortable. This new facade hides a relaxing, family atmosphere, the firm deployed an earth-toned, neutral palette, a woven rug, hard floors, and rustic furniture. 

Gilday Renovations

9162 Brookville Road, Silver Spring, MD 20910

About Gilday Renovations

Gilday Renovations has been in the industry for forty-two years. The firm has remained consistent in creating a more efficient construction experience for its clients. The firm is one of the pioneers for design-build construction in Washington and it has continuously improved its processes and strategies to achieve its goals. The firm approaches each client and each project with a personalized touch. Each project gets its own team of architects, designers, craftsmen, and project managers—the best people to deliver the specific outcomes that successfully achieve the client’s wants and needs. Under the leadership of cousins Kevin Gilday and Tom Gilday, the firm’s customer-focused practices have earned many satisfied clients throughout the years.

Featured Projects

The firm’s award-winning portfolio of master suites, kitchens, breakfast rooms, and interiors have been featured in various publications including Bethesda Magazine and Home & Design Magazine. A notable project of Gilday Renovations is the home addition and luxury porch in Chevy Chase, D.C. The interior remodeling and porch addition with a vaulted beamed ceiling and stone fireplace were part of the project. The firm has successfully completed the project by seamlessly integrating the porch into the original exterior of the building, creating an excellent, cohesive façade.

Blue Star

515 M Street SE, Suite 201, Washington, DC 20003

About Blue Star

Based in Washington, D.C., Blue Star is an award-winning firm specializing in lifestyle-driven design and superior construction services. Since its inception in 2011, the firm has been dedicated to understanding every client’s vision and bringing it to life. Throughout the design phase to the construction and final project completion, the firm’s seamless step-by-step process ensures close collaboration with the client by keeping them updated every step of the way. Blue Star’s team is composed of architecture, design, and construction experts that are dedicated to delivering exceptional projects through functional and pleasing designs and quality craftsmanship.

Featured Projects

The firm has won several notable awards during its decade in the business, including the 2020 Merit Award – CoTY from NARI. To retain the home’s original style while integrating modern elements, the firm worked on a complete remodel and home addition in this Capitol Hill Home. Blue Star reimagined the whole space by incorporating design features that reflected the client’s lifestyle and personal taste. The firm created a more efficient layout and maximized storage opportunities while retaining the original craftsmanship of interior wood pillars, radiators, flooring features, and a hand-lathed banister.

Glass Construction

2314 18th Street, NW, Washington, DC 20009

About Glass Construction

Glass Construction is committed to delivering the highest quality craftsmanship, world-class client service, and effective project management, whether for small kitchen renovations or full-scale new construction projects. With over thirty years of building expertise, the firm has worked with notable architects and owners to create one-of-a-kind, award-winning projects. Under the direction of Tom Glass, president and owner, the firm deploys efficient construction methods and cutting-edge management systems to deliver projects on time and on budget. The firm has earned positive feedback from its many satisfied clients, who have testified to the firm’s capacity to exceed expectations in every project.

Featured Projects

The firm partnered up with Barnes Vanze Architects, Inc to remodel this home in Georgetown, Washington, D.C. The client’s living space was enhanced by the addition of a gourmet kitchen and a master suite. The firm kept the master suite sophisticated yet straightforward with white walls, cabinetry, and furniture paired with dark hardwood floors. A fireplace of dark stone serves as a great contrast to this clean, minimalist look.

Tabor Design Build

15740 Crabbs Branch Way, Rockville, MD 20855

About Tabor Design Build

Founded in 1986, Tabor Design Build has provided high-quality, three-dimensional design and luxury remodeling services throughout the Washington, DC, and Maryland areas. The firm was founded by John Tabor to provide a stress-free remodeling experience for its clients. Three decades later, the firm has remained steadfast in its original goals and continues to deliver top-notch projects on time and within budget. A dedicated and passionate team of design and construction experts handle each project with meticulous planning and close attention to the details.

Featured Projects

The firm has demonstrated its capacity to produce effective and efficient projects, regardless of how basic or complicated they may be, and they’ve received several awards in the process. One of the firm’s notable awards includes the prestigious 2019 Grand Award Winner – Residential Addition $100,000 to $250,000 by The Capital CoTY, NARI. In this featured project, Tabor Design Build was tasked with a home addition in Washington, D.C. The project consists of a master bath addition and a screened porch. This contemporary bathroom was kept clean and straightforward with its neutral color scheme. The firm added an angular double sink and sleek cabinetry to the fully-enclosed shower area for a more modernized look.

Hopkins & Porter Construction, Inc.

12944-C Travilah Road, Suite 204, Potomac, MD 20854

About Hopkins & Porter Construction, Inc.

Founded by Guy Hopkins Semmes and Michael Porter Denker in 1997, the firm has come a long way from its modest origins. Hopkins & Porter Construction, Inc. has grown from a two-man team to an influential group of professional artisans, designers, and project managers lead by Ray Hornsby during the firm’s four decades of operations. Thanks to its expertise in the remodeling industry, the firm employs a unique and consultative design-build process to understand every part of the client’s vision and turn it into a one-of-a-kind space. The firm’s client-centered approaches keep the clients updated and guarantee that everything is moving forward smoothly and seamlessly.

Featured Projects

Thanks to the firm’s commitment to quality, creativity, and superior service the firm’s impressive work has been highlighted in several noteworthy publications, including the 2020 Forbes Magazine. Shown below are several projects the firm has completed. The kitchen features a large waterfall island with pendant lights while the bathroom’s space is maximized by added custom cabinetry. A neutral palette of grays and blues anchors the basement wine bar design and gives a contemporary feel to the entertaining space created there.

Impact Remodeling and Construction

4444 Connecticut Avenue, Suite 103, Washington, DC 20008

About Impact Remodeling and Construction

Headquartered in Washington, D.C., Impact Remodeling and Construction has provided design, project planning, and building services in the metro region since 2007. The firm has built a solid reputation as an industry leader through client-focused services, long-lasting relationships, and core values. Impact believes understanding its clients is a critical step in accomplishing a successful project. The firm’s extensive design-build and general contractor services are customized to the client’s needs and goals for a seamless construction experience. Learn more about them at

Featured Projects

The firm’s unique portfolio includes diverse work styles, including contemporary, cabin, and ranch designs. Partnering with Bennett Frank McCarthy Architects, this featured project in Chevy Chase Village consisted of an extensive addition and whole-house remodel. The firm added a light-filled family room, a new kitchen, a basement remodel, and a second-floor master suite. Keeping the ranch and rustic styling consistent throughout the space, the firm used an earth-toned color scheme and wooden elements while adding a few accent pieces with a pop of color.

Hammer Design Build Remodel

5335 Wisconsin Avenue NW, Suite 640, Washington, DC 20015

About Hammer Design Build Remodel

Since its inception in 2004, Hammer Design Build Remodel has remained dedicated to its goal of providing the ultimate customer experience in Washington, D.C. The firm specializes in providing design-build services for various projects, including whole home renovations, home additions, and kitchen and bathroom remodeling. With an expert team of design-build professionals on staff, the firm consistently adheres to its core values of communication, excellence, respect, responsibility, positive attitude, integrity, and gratitude. No matter how complex the project is, Hammer Design Build Remodel is confident in its abilities to deliver satisfying transformations and successful project outcomes.

Featured Projects

One of the firm’s noteworthy projects is a modern sunroom addition in Washington, D.C. The space was seamlessly integrated into the home’s existing architecture. Large windows bring in plenty of natural light. Pair that light airy feel with comfortable furniture and it’s the perfect space to relax.

The Best Industrial Architects in Washington, District of Columbia


Industrial architecture encompasses a wide range of building types, including factories, warehouses, and power plants among other manufacturing and processing structures. On this list of the best industrial architects in Washington, you’ll find professionals who have decades of experience in dealing with such complex projects. These expert firms are even able to turn these functional buildings into aesthetically pleasing places to work. The firms on this list are multinational companies that have made their mark with various international brand names and internationally famous clients by creating some of the most functional, sometimes even beautiful industrial spaces you can imagine.

Top Industrial Architects


1700 New York Avenue, NW, Suite #100, Washington DC 20006

About SmithGroup

Established in 1853, SmithGroup is more than just a traditional design and engineering firm. This firm is a multinational organization with multiple awards for c projects that span the country. SmithGroup has been featured in This Is Design Intelligence, Metal Architecture, and Consulting among many other industry magazines that have praised its work in a number of markets. The firm’s portfolio showcases work in the science and technology, government, cultural, health, and residential sectors. Among its many stunning and complex projects is the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) Energy systems integration facility. A 182,000-square-foot structure that brought the firm a LEED Platinum Award, it is a facility designed to test and deploy next-generation technologies and advancements in power production and electrical infrastructure.


2001 Pennsylvania Avenue NW, Suite #540, Washington DC 20006

About NBBJ

NBBJ’s worldwide team is capable of crafting beautiful innovations for the full breadth of the firm’s clients. Established in 1943, NBBJ has been named three times as one of the world’s most innovative architecture firms—a suitable reputation for a team with more than 800 researchers, strategists, architects, planners, interior designers, and even nurses. The firm has partnered with giants like Google, Samsung, Amazon as well as institutional leaders like Cleveland Clinic and the University of Cambridge. For Microsoft, the firm built Blue Sky Beijing. Microsoft’s Asia-Pacific Research & Development Group’s two-building headquarters in Zhongguancun was reinterpreted to fit into the compact urban setting. Imagined as smaller vertically connected buildings, the two buildings have three-story clusters of office floors linked by a series of sky gardens. Over the years, the firm and its projects have been featured in publications like The New York Times and Architectural Record to name just two of the publications that have praised its abilities.

HKS Inc.

1250 I Street NW, Suite #600, Washington, DC 20005

About HKS Inc.

As a large, multinational firm with international projects, HKS views design as a grueling, yet exciting process of discovery. With 82 years of experience, this firm has a team that extends beyond architects and interior designers. The HKS team also includes urban designers, graphic designers, researchers—even nurses and anthropologists. This diverse team has worked together to create structures that present either beauty, complexity, functionality—and sometimes all three. Among these projects is the Washington Headquarters Services Complex, a cluster of buildings that are modern and progressive in character, with sweeping views of both Washington and its natural campus setting. HKS’s other projects have been featured in publications like Forbes, Interior Design, and Arch Daily. The firm has won the 2020 Outstanding Organization of the Year for New Construction Award, the 2020 Fast Company Innovation by Design Spaces & Places, Health, and General Excellence Award, and the 2018 Innovator Women in Leadership Award.


2020 K Street NW, Washington, DC 20006

About Gensler

In a competitive environment with a culture of design innovation, Gensler has made space for itself at the top. Established by the renowned architecture icon, the late Arthur Gensler Jr., his namesake firm is known for crafting projects that holistically improve the human experience. The firm has been recognized with awards, including the 2021 American Architecture Award and the 2021 Award for World Changing Ideas. So far, the firm has served more than 3,500 active clients in virtually every industry. With its global network of leaders and its impressive and diverse pool of talent, the firm has created complexities like New York Power Authority (NYPA)’s new Integrated Security Operations Center (iSOC) Innovation Zone and Emergency Operations Center (EOC). Located on the eighth floor of the NYPA headquarters, it is designed to make use of state-of-the-art technologies that can monitor and control the NYPA’s entire generation and transmission network across New York. It was conceptualized on the principles of history, power, water, and connection. Gensler’s reputation has been recognized by industry professionals for many years and it has been featured in publications like Engineering News-Record (ENR), The Washington Post, and Washington Business Journal.

Ware Malcomb

1301 K Street NW, Stuite #300W, Washington DC 20005

About Ware Malcomb

Innovation and forward-thinking are the virtues that built Ware Malcomb. Since 1972, this multinational giant has worked with corporate, commercial, and residential developers as well as public and institutional clients from all over the world. The GE Center for Additive Technology Advancement is a beautiful sample of the firm’s work. A 216,000-square-foot facility that includes 21,000 square feet of office space and a lean manufacturing lab, it is the first multi-modal manufacturing site in the U.S. The facility will serve as an innovation hub in both design and applications. With the firm’s integrated and multi-disciplinary design services, Ware Malcomb has turned the heads of professionals in publications like Inc. 5000; that publication ranked the firm as one of the fastest-growing private companies. Engineering News-Record (ENR), Building Design + Construction, and Interior Design Magazine have all featured Ware Malcomb as well. As an internationally recognized name, the firm encourages its team to learn and grow in their careers in order to continuously create the dynamic and collaborative environment that has created this firm’s truly remarkable success.

The 5 Best Industrial Contractors in Washington, District of Columbia


When it comes to building industrial projects, a contractor has to be able to keep up with the most hectic schedules. Juggling tasks and managing to maintain quality is possible when you have an expert industrial contractor at the helm of a project. This list of the best industrial contractors in Washington features professionals with decades of industry experience and an impressive portfolio of various projects. These firms make high-quality, award-winning, projects the standard. These results have attracted eyes from various industry publications and encouraged collaborations with famous brand names.

Top Industrial Contractors

Coakley Williams Construction

7475 Wisconsin Ave. Ste. #900, Bethesda, MD 20814

About Coakley Williams Construction

Coakley Williams Construction is an industrial contractor that highlights a mindset that focuses completely on the idea of building. Over the years, this firm has built long-lasting relationships with clients and subcontractors that help it create large and complex projects like the Library of Congress’ Book Storage Facility in Fort Meade. 15,000 square feet in size, it was commissioned by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers and was designed by architect Einhorn Yaffee Prescott. This storage facility is only one of the many industrial projects in its folio and has gained the 60-year-old, veteran firm attention from publications like the Washington Post and Washington Business Journal among other publications. Its expertise has also been praised with awards like the 2020 ABC Excellence in Construction Award among several others.

Baker DC, LLC

1000 Potomac Street NW, Ste. #106, Washington, DC 20007

About Baker DC, LLC

Founded in 1968, Baker DC is one of the nation’s largest specialty contractors. The firm’s work has included stadiums, high rises, Habitat Its most notable project might be the ExxonMobil Headquarters. A turnkey concrete scope, the project has several notable elements including 7,500 feet of utility tunnels and 3,000,000 square feet of parking in three cast-in-place garages. It also has a 300,000-square-foot central utility plant. Baker DC can be trusted to complete projects with the impeccable attention to detail that has garnered two Excellence in Construction Awards from the ABC Florida East Coast chapter, among several other honors.

Plaza Construction

1250 I St., NW. Ste. #900, Washington, DC 20005

About Plaza Construction

Plaza Construction’s work has been recognized in many corners of the world. It continues to build a legacy that involves the community by presenting and honoring social responsibility through supporting local charities. Plaza Construction is also a multi-faceted firm with an array of impressive public projects in its folio. Astoria Energy, for example, is a transportation infrastructure that embodies the firm’s skill in dealing with project complexities. 23 acres wide, this project is New York City’s largest power plant and built over the course of 25 years. It uses modern and natural gas to produce 1,000 megawatts of power. Projects like these are representations of the firm’s ability to understand the needs of the owner, developer, and builder. Currently, the firm has been recognized by Building Design + Construction, Engineering News-Record (ENR), and New York Yimby.

Kiewit Infrastructure Co.

8000 Forbes Pl. Ste. #201, Springfield, VA 22151

About Kiewit Infrastructure Co.

A veteran holding the 5th rank in ENR’s list of Top 400 Contractors, Kiewit Infrastructure Co. is one of North America’s largest, most-respected engineering and construction organizations. It has burrowed tunnels through mountains, turned rivers into energy, and built bridges to connect communities. These innovative and human-centric services have received the attention of industry publications like POWER Magazine, ENR, and On-Site Magazine, and Canada’s Great Place to Work. Among its many impressive projects, its most notable be the IS 37 Solar Farm. A 79-megawatt photovoltaic solar facility, this project highlights the firm’s goal of adding carbon-free and cost-effective power generation to its portfolio. This facility contains over 344,000 solar panels, 167,000 square feet of underground duct-bank conduit, 3,900,000 feet of low-level voltage cable, 356,000 plug modules, 500 combiner boxes, and 39 inverters. Despite weather problems and ongoing training for its new local craft team, this project was completed a month ahead of schedule.

Hensel Phelps Construction Co.

1600 Tysons Boulevard, Ste. #800, Tysons Corner, VA 22102

About Hensel Phelps Construction Co.

Hensel Phelps has handled over $13 billion in infrastructure and transportation projects and over $3 billion in advanced technology projects. With high-performing teams, this 84-year old firm has provided its clients with a high level of service that results in consistently high-quality projects. The NASA Building 21 is one of these. At 140,000 square feet, the structure includes two mixed lab and office levels alongside a mechanical penthouse with a combined area of approximately 118,000 square feet. The top-level houses the national archive sample repository freezer storage and a two-story office block that consists of open workspace architecture. Hensel Phelps Construction has been mentioned in publications like ENR, Time Magazine, and Building Design + Construction. And the firm has won honors like the AGC Build America Awards in the outstanding renovation category over $200 million.

The 10 Best Commercial Contractors in Washington, District of Columbia


Home to important U.S. government buildings, Washington, D.C. is the official capital of the United States. In the middle of this federal district lies the White House, U.S. Capitol, and the Supreme Court Building. Offices and headquarters of many professional associations, notable institutions, and private businesses can also be found here and in nearby cities. Because of that, there is a high demand for skilled and professional commercial contractors in this area to make the buildings stand out and keep the affairs and businesses here running smoothly.

These commercial contractors help any establishment at every step of the process, from pre-planning, budgeting, and acquiring materials to construction, design, and securing permits. Featured in this article is a list of the best commercial contractors in Washington, D.C. All of them have been in the industry for many decades and have proven an excellent track record in providing award-winning services.

Top Commercial Contractors

Vantage Construction Corporation

20130 Lakeview Center Plaza Suite 420, Ashburn, VA 20147

About Vantage Construction Corporation

Teamwork: that is Vantage Construction Corporation’s main approach for delivering superior quality commercial construction projects. This approach means working closely with all the key players—the clients, design team, and subcontractors—to guarantee these results. Coupled with its expertise and the latest technology, cost and time efficiency is achieved from project conception to completion.

Featured Projects

From tenant fit-out projects to complex commercial buildings, this company has been serving the Washington, D.C. construction market and its nearby states for the past 16 years. The company specializes in low-rise offices, build-to-suit institutional centers, distribution centers, retail, repositioning, tenant interiors, and specialty construction. One of its notable projects is the Rockwell Collins building in Sterling, Virginia. The work with this aerospace and defense company won the 2011 NAIOP Northern Virginia Award of Merit to recognize its significant contribution to the built environment. Aside from this, Vantage also takes pride as a Corporate Citizen by providing charitable support, leadership, and volunteering to various organizations such as Arlington Partnership for Affordable Housing and The Builders Foundation.

McCullough Construction

5513 Connecticut Ave. N.W. Suite 200, Washington, DC 20015

About McCullough Construction

Operating for the last 20 years, McCullough Construction in Washington, D.C. has gained its reputation as an excellent general contracting firm that delivers on-time and within-budget projects while exceeding client’s expectations. It specializes in commercial construction and renovations, historic restorations, and multi-family residential buildings. Ranging from pre-constructing and estimating to general contracting and construction management, McCullough extends its services up to Maryland and Virginia.

Featured Projects

With an engineering background and a 21-year experience in the industry as an engineer, Tom McCullough, the Founder and President of this company, makes sure of his hands-on involvement to ensure superior quality in every project the company handles. One of the excellent historic renovations it has done in DC is the conversion of the historic Acme Stove Building into the LivingSocial office, which earned the firm the District of Columbia Awards the Excellence in Historic Preservation in 2017. The building has undergone a full façade restoration while preserving the ancient look of the building.

Potomac Construction

9320 Old Georgetown Rd., Bethesda, MD 20814

About Potomac Construction

Dedicated to providing top-quality construction and guidance for their clients for over 15 years now, Potomac Construction has become one of the leading general contracting firms in Washington, D.C. Over the years, property owners, architects, investors, and other stakeholders have trusted Potomac’s services from site selection and pre-planning until turnover. This led to a large portfolio that the company now holds containing unique commercial projects such as restaurants, hotels, retails and groceries, gyms, healthcare spaces, banks, and high-value interior renovations.

Featured Projects

All the success of Potomac lies in the value of collaboration. The entire collaborative process includes working closely with the clients and other stakeholders and yields the most satisfying experience for everyone. One of the best experiences the clients often get with Potomac is the quick turnaround and cost-effectiveness of their project. A recent example of this is the kitchen makeover of The Inn at Little Washington, finished in only eight days. The presence of the close-out team is another attractive feature of their services. This team acts as a point of contact for any concerns so that the clients are included in the entire process until the very end.

Smoot Construction Company

5335 Wisconsin Ave. N.W. Suite 940, Washington, DC 20015

About Smoot Construction Company

With almost a hundred successful projects in Washington, DC, and Maryland, Virginia, Smoot Construction Company has been providing construction services under its five guiding principles: character, integrity, pride, performance, and humility for 50+ years. Over these years, Smoot has built a legacy and reputation of excellence and high standards through the latest technologies, dedicated team of leaders, experts, and partners.

Featured Projects

Specializing in general contracting and construction management, their projects range from different commercial spaces such as offices, retail, hospitality, school buildings, libraries, as well as residential—all with superior quality that exceeds client expectations. An example of a notable project from Smoot is the 400,000-square-foot NMAAHC (National Museum for African American History and Culture) in DC, which has gathered 19 awards from the National Association for Industrial and Office Parks and different publications and organizations. Accredited by the US Green Building Council (USGBC) and a Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) Accredited Professional (AP), Smoot Construction Company adheres to sustainability from design to construction and operations.

Buch Construction

11292 Buch Way, Laurel, MD 20723

About Buch Construction

As one of the district’s leading general contractors, Buch Construction specializes in corporate office, life sciences, retail, education, and many other commercial spaces. From base buildings to repositioning and interiors, Buch takes pride in the excellent work and care provided in each project. Even the most logistically complex projects are seamlessly managed with minimal disruption through their unique technical solutions, adhering to their stringent standards so that the clients can focus on their own business.

Featured Projects

Founded in 1985 by Marie Buch, this family-owned general contracting company is WBENC (Women’s Business Enterprise National Council)-certified. Buch upholds the value of family, which makes the backbone of the business. All the team members, partners, and even clients are considered an extension of the Buch family. This kind of relationship they foster with each stakeholder reflects the care and integrity they bring to every project they manage. In 2018, Buch Construction won the Washington Contractor Awards.

WCS Construction, LLC

1100 New Jersey Ave. SE Suite 700, Washington, DC 20003

About WCS Construction, LLC

Regarded as the fifth most active contractor in Washington, DC, WCS Construction is committed to bringing forth its award-winning services to a wide range of commercial construction projects. Its commitment and integrity resulted in over 100 successful projects in the district, including office buildings, podiums, and high-rise residential, elderly shelter, multi-family communities, retail, and historic renovations, among many others. Being in the business for 19 years, WCS is a Certified Business Enterprise in DC and has proven to be a reputable firm in the industry, resulting in an extensive network of partners, including local subcontractors.

Featured Projects

WCS works with its clients and consultants every step of the process, from planning, budgeting, value engineering to closeout. This approach makes sure that the project is achieved on time and beyond par the customer expectations. Its outstanding record lies in experience-based management practices and strategic planning that avoids unanticipated pitfalls, leaving its clients satisfied for a long-term relationship. Through these strategies and hard work, WCS earned multiple awards since 2010, with the ABC Metro of Washington Award of Excellence being the most recent.

Rand* Construction

1029 North Royal St., Alexandria, VA 22314

About Rand* Construction

Linda Rabbitt founded rand* construction in 1989 and was one of only a few women in the industry at that time. What started as a small firm in Arlington with seven employees has now grown into a premier general contractor headquartered in the Washington DC metro region with offices in Atlanta, Austin, Dallas, and Denver. rand*’s team of over 250 professional project managers, superintendents, and preconstruction professionals have come to rand* from a wide range of technical disciplines bringing years of combined experience to every project. rand* is also proud to be a certified Women’s Business Enterprise by the Women’s Business Enterprise National Council.

Featured Projects

For over 30 years, rand* construction has committed to providing client-oriented, design-sensitive services and has consistently delivered projects that achieve each of their clients’ goals. rand*’s work has been recognized by regional industry organizations such as WBC, NAIOP, and ABC, with over 200 craftsmanship awards. It has also been consistently voted one of the ‘Best Places to Work’ by the Washington Business Journal and Washington Magazine for over a decade. A recent example of their work includes the new headquarters for Neustar, a leading data analytics company located in Reston, VA. This 90,000 SF project was a complete renovation of a first-generation space spanning three floors, a rooftop penthouse, and an upgrade to the connecting terrace. The company’s vast work experience has enabled it to develop strong business relationships with partners and subcontractors across the nation and trust from clients to consistently deliver high-quality work across the country.

L.F. Jennings, Inc.

407 N. Washington St. #200, Falls Church, VA 22046

About L.F. Jennings, Inc.

One of the oldest in the general contracting industry, L.F. Jennings has been serving commercial development owners in the Mid-Atlantic Region since 1952. Its founder Lawrence Floyd Jennings was later joined by his son in 1965, which helped this Virginia-based company mature into a trusted general contractor in the DC area. These long years in the industry allowed them to grace their portfolio with successful projects. To date, over 1,500 projects have been completed, including office parks, mixed-use projects, multifamily residences, retail stores, reuse buildings, healthcare facilities, and corporate interiors. This span of experience shows their dedication and flexibility to adapt to the evolving marketplace.

Featured Projects

Some of J.F. Lennings’ top projects in DC include Fort Totten Self-Storage, a self-storage facility designed to blend in the residential community, and Target Ivy City, a retail development. The breadth of their expertise and length of experience can work on any demands of the clients. With the firm’s mission to deliver work with the most superior quality at competitive prices, many clients are left satisfied and hire L.F. Jennings in other future projects. The firm has earned the 2021 Associated Builders and Contractors (ABC) award and the NAIOP DC awards in 2018 and 2019.

Martone Construction

5165 Macarthur Blvd. NW, Washington, DC 20016

About Martone Construction

For over 20 years, Martone Construction has quickly made its way to one of the top general contracting firms in the mid-Atlantic region. In DC, it has helped shape the district’s commercial landscape by building spaces for numerous corporations, non-profits, institutions, and medical companies. Dozens of those beautiful office buildings you can spot in downtown DC are the products of Martone’s years of dedication and quality performance. As a result, also, the company has strengthened its roots in the community and relationships in the industry.

Featured Projects

Much of Martone’s projects in the DC metropolitan area are on interior renovations for corporations. Many of them have benefited from this service by having their amenities, including workspaces, lounges, and terraces, transformed into conducive, healthy, and beautiful spaces. As proof, some of these projects have received an Award of Merit for Best Interiors from NAIOP DC|MD Chapter. In 2014, Medstar Health Georgetown Pediatrics & OBGYN Suite won the Medical/Healthcare Tenant Space Over 10,000 SF Award of Excellence category.

What sets Martone apart from other competitors is its strong commitment to satisfy clients. From pre-construction planning and estimating to closeout, Martone guides bd the project team closely to deliver high-quality work on time at fair, competitive prices.

Plaza Construction

1250 I St. NW Suite 900, Washington, DC 20005

About Plaza Construction

Plaza Construction is one of the foremost general contracting and construction management firms in the country. Established in 1986, the firm has gained its versatility and national presence throughout the years. Aside from its headquarters in New York, it is also present in 6 other states, including Washington, DC. This trifecta company works as an owner, developer, and builder.

Featured Projects

Seen in its core portfolio are award-winning projects across various industries—commercial, hospitality, corporate, and residential. As proof, the One Thousand Museum project in Miami earned the Award of Excellence by CTBUH in 2020. This high-rise residential building project has also earned 6 other awards in different categories in 2019. In DC, one of its notable works is Station Place, a mixed-use commercial building that features state-of-the-art technology and abundant tenant amenities to provide productive workspaces.

Aside from its mission to create value for clients and their communities through excellence and integrity, Plaza is also committed to sustainability, safety, diversity, and philanthropic activities. The company accomplishes projects with various levels of LEED certifications in strict adherence to the EPA requirements, engages with small and socio-economically disadvantaged businesses, and supports charities such as Hope for the Warriors, Intrepid Foundation, and Friends of the Vietnam Veterans Plaza.

The 13 Best Multifamily Architects in Washington, District of Columbia


Multifamily homes and buildings have become both a necessity in a bustling city. These high-rise and multi-tenant homes feature the kinds of amenities that families and professionals in the city enjoy. Every great structure begins with a design, and the city is filled with architects ready to translate your vision into a design. To help you decide, we’ve curated a list of the best Multifamily Architects in Washington, District of Columbia. Each architect on this list was chosen for their design expertise, the clients they have served, and the industry awards they have received. For a multifamily structure designed by the best in the field, take a look at our list below.

Top Architects

Division1 Architects

4106 46th Street, NW, Washington, DC 20016

About Division1 Architects

Division1 Architects has been one of Washington’s allies in reliable high-end architecture. The firm opened its doors in 1994, co-founded by Ali Reza Honarkar whose design expertise has helped the firm grow. Under his management, the team of skilled designers has worked on some of Washington’s biggest projects. The team focuses on creating design solutions for complex building problems.

Featured Projects

The firm’s portfolio showcases its ability to create designs for diverse clients from residential highrise to retail spaces. One of Division1’s notable multifamily designs is the Lacey located in Washington. The 25,370-square-foot building features a 26-unit condominium designed for modern city living. Because of its excellence in design, the firm has won a number of awards in recent years. The firm has also been featured in Interior Design Magazine, Objekt Magazine, Home & Design, Remodeling Magazine, and The Washingtonian.

Teass\Warren Architects

515 M St. SE, Suite #200, Washington, DC 20003

About Teass\Warren Architects

Teass\Warren Architects is an architectural practice co-founded by Will Teass and Charles Warren in 2015. Both leaders are American Institute of Architects (AIA) and LEED Accredited Professionals with an extensive design background. The firm serves the greater DC area with world-class residential and commercial construction services. Teass and Warren have developed a team capable of producing meticulous design.

Featured Projects

The firm’s projects showcase a balance between aesthetics and efficiency. Take, for example, the Flats at Upshur in Washington. The 2017 project was produced in collaboration with ERB Properties. LLC features a modern multifamily building at the prominent corner of the burgeoning Petworth neighborhood. The new building is definitely modern design, yet the firm seamlessly integrated it into its vibrant and historically rich neighborhood. The wight-unit development features vertical elements inspired by dormers to give each building a unique and private entry.

CORE Architecture + Design

1010 Wisconsin Ave. NW, Suite #405, Washington, DC 20007

About CORE Architecture + Design

CORE architecture + design has proved to be one of the pioneers in innovative and world-class design since 1991. Under the direction of Dale Stewart, AIA, Allison Cooke, IIDA, and David Cheney, AIA, the firm has provided its clients with superior design services that add tremendous value to their business, including mixed-use projects, large-scale office and residential developments, and hospitality and creative work spaces. Its team of design-savvy professionals is well-equipped with the latest in design trends and sustainability. Some of the firm’s work has been featured in Interior Design Magazine, Washington Business Journal, Hospitality Design Magazine, and the Washington Post.

Featured Projects

One of the firm’s notable multifamily projects is located at 2501 M Street NW. CORE collaborated with PRP Real Estate Investment Management to transform an outdated, 1980s mixed-use property into 59 luxury condominiums and a new 12,000 SF ground floor restaurant space for Nobu. Unique to both design and construction, the top three floors of the building had to remain in place and occupied during the planning and construction phase of the new condominiums. CORE’s new design not only modernized and reshaped the building but also increased the total floor area by almost 27,000 SF. 2501 M’s high-end amenities feature a grand two-story lobby, party room, fitness facilities, and in-building parking. CORE’s other notable multifamily projects include Liz, Concord Crystal City, Little Patuxent Square, 14th & Quincy Streets NW, and New Endeavors by Women.

Shalom Baranes Associates

1010 Wisconsin Avenue NW, Suite #900, Washington, DC 20007

About Shalom Baranes Associates

With over 40 years in the industry, Shalom Baranes Associates has proven its skill, professionalism, and grit as a leading design firm. Shalom Baranes, FAIA heads the firm’s team and services which include everything from architecture to urban planning. His rich background in architecture has proven a strong foundation for the team’s values and processes. The firm’s excellence in the field has been recognized with awards, including the 2020 Gold Honor Award, the 2020 Craftsmanship Award, and the 2020 Excellence in Historic Preservation Award for its commercial designs.

Featured Projects

Looking through its portfolio, the firm’s expertise with modern design is noticeable. One of its recent multifamily projects is the WestEnd 25 Residences in Washington. Shalom Baranes Associates completed the design for the multifamily structure in collaboration with the client Vornado and Charles E. Smith. Originally an underutilized 1960s building, the firm turned it into a signature residential development. The residences are designed to maximize the view of the Rock Creek Park and historic Georgetown district.

KUBE Architecture PC

818 18th Street NW, Suite #600, Washington, DC 20006

About KUBE Architecture PC

Commercial designs have been one of KUBE Architecture’s specialties since 2005. Janet Bloomberg, FAIA is one of the founding partners of the firm with a wealth of design experience. Her passion for architectural design trickles down to its skilled and goal-driven team. With a team of great designers, its excellent work rarely goes unnoticed. In the last few years, the firm has been recognized with various AIA awards and features from the Washington Post, The Wall Street Journal, Annapolis Home Magazine, and ArchDaily, among many others.

Featured Projects

KUBE’s portfolio showcases the firm’s flexibility in design and project range. A perfect example of this is the Duvall Court in Washington. The team was tasked to design seven new row houses in varying widths and lengths. They feature walkable green roofs, a private parking lot, and an abundance of natural light. This compact, yet smart multifamily design has been repeatedly featured in publications all over DC.

GTM Architects

7735 Old Georgetown Road, Suite #700, Bethesda, MD 20814

About GTM Architects

The Avalon Theater, Union Station, Brookland Press – The Forge, Madame Tussauds, and the recent Park Kennedy Apartments in Hill East are just a few of GTM Architects’ projects in DC. The architectural firm, with offices in Bethesda, MD and Washington, DC, runs under the leadership of company president George Myers along with eleven other expert principals. Their extensive design experience includes multifamily and mixed-use developments, residential and commercial buildings, commercial interiors, and sustainable architectural designs. As a leading design firm for residential and high-rise living spaces, the firm has won a number of awards in the last few years. Some of its recent multifamily awards include the 2020 Best Washington/Baltimore Apartment Community, 2020 Modern Masterpiece Award, 2020 Award of Excellence, which the firm also received in 2018, and the 2021 Bethesda Magazine’s Best Architect, having been recognized as “Best Architect” in the publication from 2017-2021.

Featured Projects

One of GTM Architects’ remarkable multifamily projects is Brookland Press – The Forge, the Redevelopment of the multifamily site at the Rhode Island Metro Station. The building’s new façade design takes inspiration from the building’s origin as an industrial site. It features elements of brick with stone trim accents, metal panels, and large glazed openings. GTM acted as the project manager through each phase of the construction process, providing complete architecture and interior design services.

KGD Architecture

1101 15th Street, NW, Suite #200, Washington, DC 20005

About KGD Architecture

KGD Architecture is an award-winning design firm specializing in architecture, interior design, urban planning, and real estate design services. The firm was established by Ben Kishimoto and Chris Gordon in 1995. Later on, Manoj Dalaya joined the team, creating a more diverse, capable design firm. Today, the firm provides world-class client service. KGD expertly creates designs for a number of industry sectors, including multifamily, hospitality, education, science, and technology.

Featured Projects

KGD Architecture’s expansive list of clientele includes AstraZeneca, US National Cyber Security, the University of the Potomac, and the Cleveland International School. When it comes to multifamily designs, the firm has also worked on several large-scale projects. Take, for example, the 2 Patterson mixed-use building in Washington. This striking structure is a fresh look in NoMa’s linear architecture trend. The 13-story building features 577 apartment units ranging from studio size to four-bedroom units as well as 286 affordable apartment units.

BBGM Architects & Interiors

1825 K Street, NW, Suite #300, Washington, DC 20006

About BBGM Architects & Interiors

BBGM is an internationally acclaimed design firm working throughout the United States, the Caribbean, South America, China, and Egypt. Founded in 1987, BBGM has full-service offices in Washington DC and Scottsdale, AZ, the firm has remained one of the pioneers in forward-thinking and sustainable luxury designs. Bahram Kamali, Domenic Giordano, Reade Elliott, and David Delcher are the principals leading BBGM’s team, services, and partnerships. The team’s hands-on and skilled designers are well-equipped with state-of-the-art designs for hotels, multi-family, workplace, and mixed-use developments.

Featured Projects

Some of the BBGM’s most notable multifamily designs are Yale West Apartments in Washington, the Turnberry Tower in Arlington and 8621 Georgia Ave in MD. BBGM provided architecture and interior design services for the Yale West Apartment  9-story and 12-story structures. The buildings feature 180 apartment units, social/meeting spaces, a self-service bar, a fitness center, and a rooftop pool. It can also accommodate up to 160 cars in its parking below grade. 

Hord Coplan Macht

1925 Ballenger Avenue, Suite #525, Alexandria, VA 22314

About Hord Coplan Macht

Hord Coplan Macht is a multidisciplinary firm offering its expertise in architecture, planning, interior design, and environmental graphic design. Lee Coplan and Carol Macht lead the firm’s principals and teams across its design disciplines. The team comprises AIA and LEED Accredited Professionals knowledgeable with innovative trends in design. Its designs are fueled by its vision to create functional, inspiring spaces tailored to each of its client’s needs. Thanks to its unmatched services, it has been recognized with various industry awards and featured in national publications.

Featured Projects

Hord Coplan Macht’s portfolio features a wide list of projects all over DC Metro, Maryland, North Carolina, and Colorado. Among these projects are its multifamily structure designs. The Coda on H is an award-winning multifamily structure designed by Hord Coplan Macht for MRP Realty. It features a 95,000-square-foot boutique apartment building with 112 units, a 6,000-square-foot ground-floor retail space, and 4,000 square feet of high-end amenities.

Suzane Reatig Architecture

1312 8th Street, NW, Washington, DC 20001

About Suzane Reatig Architecture

Suzane Reatig Architecture is an award-winning architectural firm known for designs that blur the boundaries of indoor and outdoor living. Suzane Reatig founded the firm in 1989 banking on her profound knowledge and experience in design. The firm’s team of skilled architects creates unique spaces that reflect its owners and their lifestyle or business. In the last few years, the firm has been recognized with AIA DC Awards, an Associated Builders & Contractors Award of Excellence, and a Built By Women DC Award.

Featured Projects

Architect Magazine, Home & Design, and Curbed Magazine have also featured the firm and its works for its simple, yet effective architecture solutions. One of the firm’s notable multifamily buildings is the 506 O Street structure. This award-winning design features a glass and brick combination façade blending the industrial and modern characteristics of Washington. Suzane Reatig’s design earned the Built by Women DC Award, the AIA DC/Washingtonian Residential Design Award, and the AIA DC Merit Award in Architecture.

Bonstra | Haresign Architects

1728 Fourteenth Street, NW, Suite #300, Washington, DC 20009

©Anice Hoachlander

About Bonstra | Haresign Architects

For 20 years, Bonstra | Haresign ARCHITECTS has been one of Washington’s leading commercial design firms. Bill Bonstra, FAIA LEED AP and David Haresign, FAIA are the seasoned leaders at the helm of the firm. Bonstra | Haresign ARCHITECTS comprises skilled and design-savvy professionals. Its team of excellent designers is dedicated to bringing progressive design solutions to improve life in DC. The firm’s excellence in the field has been met with various recognitions including the AIA Northern Virginia Awards, the NAIOP Northern Virginia Awards of Excellence, and the Multifamily Executive Merit Award.

Featured Projects

The 1500 Pennsylvania Avenue is one of Bonstra | Haresign Architects’ remarkable designs featuring over 72,300 square feet of multifamily space. The 41-unit condominium on Capitol Hill displays a modern façade designed to harmonize with the varied context of the location. Additionally, it also features parking spaces and a variety of living spaces ranging from studios to two-bedroom apartments.

Cunningham | Quill Architects

1054 31st Street, NW, Suite #315, Washington, DC 20007

About Cunningham | Quill Architects

Cunningham | Quill Architects is a well-recognized architectural firm located in historic Georgetown Canal Square. The firm was co-founded by industry leaders Ralph Cunningham, FAIA and Lee Quill, FAIA. Under their leadership, the firm has grown its team and services to provide distinct designs to its clients. Its excellence in design has been recognized with over 40 national and regional awards in the last few years.

Featured Projects

When it comes to its portfolio, the firm has completed work in multifamily residential, urban design, and master planning. One of the firm’s multifamily projects is the VY Reston Heights located in Reston. The building features 400 modern residential units, a new retail space, and an above-grade parking space. Its seamless design won quick approval from the Reston Design Review Board, the Fairfax County Planning Commission, and the Fairfax County Board of Supervisors.


8609 Westwood Center Drive, Suite #600, Tysons, VA 22182

About KTGY

The Granada Hotel, Regency at Summerlin, and the Town Center at The Preserve are just a few of KTGY’s impressive projects. The award-winning architectural firm runs under the leadership of Jill Williams, AIA. Her extensive design experience includes award-winning projects all over the country and as well as various industry affiliations. This has helped her sharpen her eye not only for great architecture, but also for a great team. KTGY’s team includes AIA, LEED Accredited, and NCARB certified designers knowledgeable in a wide range of project design profiles.

Featured Projects

One of the firm’s remarkable designs for a multifamily building is the AVA H Street located in Washington. The award-winning structure includes 138 apartment units, 136 parking spaces, and a number of high-end amenities. Its prime location attracts young professionals to live thanks to its proximity to work, entertainment, cultural, and public transportation services. KTGY designed the multifamily building to pay homage to its Washingtonian history through its proportions and materials.